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From where I stood the storm clouds gathered,
And turned the sea to angry gray.
The tortured trees bowed down and tattered,
Like fragile dreams placed in harm's way.

The cruel wind moaned its phantom "doom,"
Unfurled across the land.
The sea birds' cries echoed too soon
Before the Fury's hand.

From where I stood the ancient battle raged,
Into the long and anguished night.
All hope seemed lost as Nature's way,
Revealed her boundless, ageless might.

But then a star broke through the dark,
A sparkle clearly shone,
Her beacon on the distant shore,
Said we did not stand alone.

And from where I stood the new day came bright,
In-tow a rainbow filled the dawn;
To chase away the clouds of night,
And lead us safely, ever on.

On to winding mossy lanes where palmettos softly sway,
On breezes from the gentle sea and dreams from yesterday;
On to where old secrets keep and the human spirit reigns,
And weary hearts shall find their peace,
And Charleston's rose shall bloom again!

– Terry Moore ©2015